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Welcome to the Initech Technical Wiki. Here you'll find bits and pieces of useful stuff related to anything that I find interesting. Everything you find here is free to use for whatever nefarious purposes you may have in mind but needless to say that i'm not responsible for anything that goes wrong. If you need help with anything or just want to contact me then its best to email me at

Linux Stuff


LVM Management


custom fetchers and patches

This is a library of custom config fetchers and patches to existing files


Want a script which syncs your cacti hosts into rancid and your /etc/hosts file? This sync-cacti script may be for you (use it with caution).


For those of us who manage hundreds of devices via rancid its tricky to remember what they're called and which particular login binary to use to access them. I made my "con" script to automate this.




This custom nagios plugin checks to make sure that all Juniper virtual chassis members are present and running the same version. You need to provide the hostname, SNMP community and number of expected virtual chassis members.



Logstash for IPFIX

Kibana dashboard modifications


Zenoss transforms